The World Is Getting Smaller…

…not that you’d know it by looking at the banking system, however. Traditional banks still demand that your change your money to travel and barriers remain to operating financially in two different countries at one time.

At Zend, we’re proud of our Multi Currency Account as its simplicity empowers people to travel further and explore more safe in the knowledge that they’re financially covered.

Opportunities are there for the taking, whether that’s a quick weekend away or the chance to live in a different country for a few years. For many people, global living means that they work, live or study internationally while maintaining a family base. At Zend, we understand that your loved ones won’t always be in the same geographical location as you, but a Credit Card Bill still needs to be paid and salaries received.

With Zend, Multi Currency Accounting let’s you move about the planet without exchanging currencies when you hit a new territory. We slice right through the red tape so that you can pay in your local currency from your multi currency account.

A wise move, your multi currency account at Zend means that you can pay, send and receive money to anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world. You can travel around the US, paying your way in dollars while your UK Direct Debits are paid in sterling as scheduled.

Home and Away

Showing your balance in your home currency, you can sign up for a Zend Multi Currency Account in the UK or you can sign up in one of 102 countries. When you travel, you can transact in your local currency with low fees based on live exchange rates. A Zend Multi Currency account also means that you can Zend money to other accounts, which means that your dependants can always count on you whether their studying overseas or you’re on the trip of a lifetime. It's one card to do everything; it’s one account to cover xx countries.

Zend, Store, Receive

With the Zend multi currency bank account, you can use it just as you would a standard bank account, except every transaction could be in a different currency – if that’s how you need it to work for you. This also means that you can also deposit and withdraw cash in different currencies and you can do transactions using different currencies using just one platform. Zend is simple and seamless. In addition to global currencies, you can also store, spend or Zend your cyptocurrency through your Zend multi currency account.

Banking For The Unbanked

Young people are less likely to have a bank account than you might imagine. Beyond a savings account, banks just don’t seem to be that appealing or welcoming to their future customers. With Zend, not only can you get signed up to your first financial account with ease, but this account can follow you all over the world. When you’re ready to study, your Zend account is in place for you to Zend and receive money. When you get your first job, your Zend account is the perfect place to put your salary.