Money Marketplace

Money Marketplace is Zend’s very own peer to peer fund transfer (P2P). In our Money Market, you will be able to create, buy or sell bids of a currency within the app and then reach out to the Zend community network to get the best deal. This gives the power back to the people and to create deals with other Zend community users without having to get the help of support of third parties. As a member of the Zend community, you will also be able to use the Zend Money Market within your account to respond to requests from other Zenders.

Your Zend Peer-to-Peer

Typical peer-to-peer payment services mean that you can send and receive payments – backed by your account – through your phone. With Zend, your transactions will be backed by your Zend account, meaning that your Zend Money Marketplace will give you everything you need to get the best money market rates available.

Peer-to-peer payments have revolutionised the way that we personally interact with our finances. Making zending and receiving money social, P2P payments make it easy for you to ping your friend half the bill or pick up a little something new from a site like Etsy in a few clicks. It’s a painless and frictionless interaction that takes the hard work out of the life’s little spends. Make no mistake, however; Zend Money Marketplace is just as useful and secure for life’s big outgoings too.

Secure Zending

Whether you’re Zending your friend the cost of a coffee or reaching out to the wider Zend community for currency bids, you can simply and easily Zend funds with a few taps of the app. What’s so useful to all of our users is that you don’t have to do anything with the funds you receive. They can simply sit in your account as savings from a transaction in our money supermarket.
The funds are then ready to use in another transaction or you can ping them to another account – if you need another account after Zend.

What sets Zend apart from other P2Ps?

It’s the community that makes Zend users so special. We’re socially minded and, unlike other P2P providers, like-minded Zenders will be on hand to helps each other out with great rates and seamless transactions.
With other P2Ps, payments and transactions can be sent and received, with many banks offering a version of it, albeit complex and unwieldy.

Some P2Ps only really work seamlessly if you sign up to the same app or service as your friends and family – but that’s the beauty of Zend. With Zend, you’re signing up with a community of other Zenders who have been drawn to the app for its simplicity and values, for the opportunity to negotiate and to get a better deal that you might find in any bank in the world.

Smart Transactions with Zend Money Marketplace

Using Money Market place is like using a money supermarket where savings are on offer when you negotiate clever currency transactions. Cutting through layers and layers of unnecessary financial red tape with other Zenders in the community lets you decide what you want to pay. Rather than finding yourself at the mercy of faceless banks and foreign exchanges, you’ll be able to make agreements with other community members. With Zend, it’s in everyone’s interests to negotiate fairly as that’s how a community best works for everyone.