Our goal goes beyond offsetting carbon emissions. We make your money green through projects like reforestation, soil carbon sequestration and carbon capture and storage. This goes far beyond the net-zero approach. More ambitious and proactive approach, Zend go the extra mile to look after the planet – and your money.



Zend’s hybrid decentralised platform where you can track your positive environmental impact as you spend on everyday essentials, ping funds to your friends or make one of life’s big buys. We’re the platform for people who recognise the value of millions of micro actions that add up to a larger environmental impact. At Zend, your values, your sustainable goals, your actions, all are planet aligned.


As a service (SAAS)

Let’s make ESG simple,
engaging and powerful.

Zend’s Sustainability as a Service (SaaS) platform makes it easy for organizations and individuals to implement efficient Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. It allows users to track, offset and remove their carbon emissions, and validate the impact of their actions on climate change. We empower individuals and businesses to take action towards a sustainable future making it simple, automatic and engaging for them. Zend makes it possible for organizations and individuals to make a measurable impact on the environment by providing a transparent, validated and easy way to track and offset carbon emissions.



Align your financial choices with your environmental
values. Transform everyday spending into a
tangible impact on the planet. Join our community
of like-minded people to achieve a net-zero world

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